Hiventive Simulation eases the design of your electronic products leveraging innovative methodologies. We bring a brand new link between hardware and software. We help you cutting down investments by making target hardware available to software team so they can start coding earlier and in a safer way.

Software on your virtual prototype = software on your physical device
Software on your virtual prototype = software on your physical device

Agile Electronics, improve product design efficiency

Currently, flaws in the choices of hardware components can induce cost and delay. Industrialization can also imply unexpected additional developments and a possible complete rework. This can lead to a delayed start of software development for the specified target or hardware integration, resulting in missing out on the market.
We aim to solve this issue with virtual prototypes. A virtual prototype is a software application simulating the hardware behaviour. It provides a ready-to-execute environment for your product.

Design Exploration, prototype your next product virtually

Hiventive makes target hardware available to the software team at project startup. It enables easy design exploration. Don’t waste your time any more with disposable prototypes. Explore virtually. You can automatically test a single system or a set of systems with a unique toolchain.
Collaboration between software and hardware teams gets strongly improved. We also provide services to help you realize your next design whether you are a semi-conductor or hardware company, a maker or an academic.

Hiventive Community-Centered Virtual Fablab

Take advantage of our tools to access, assemble and design your electronic products. With a collaborative approach, you just go faster. Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel, just reuse and improve it.
Interoperability is the key in the ecosystem, that’s why we trust in Open Source.